Edloe/Harper/Auden Drainage Project

Phase Two

The week of May 8, 2023, the City of Southside Place will begin Phase 2 of the drainage and roadway improvement project within the residential district. This project is expected to take up to a year to complete. As with all major road and drainage construction projects, road closures and detours will be involved. The city has reviewed the traffic plans for the expected road closures and wants to ensure all residents and motoring public that we have your best interest in mind. Here is what we are expecting to occur during this Phase 2 process (see PH2 map.) If you have any issues navigating the road closures, please contact the Police Department at 713-668-2341.

drainage improvement map may 2023
  • The second phase will encompass the northbound stretch of Edloe from Darcus to Farbar. The overall construction project will occur in various stages throughout 2023 and early 2024. Each stage should last 30-45 days. Areas immediately in the construction zone will be closed to one side of the street only. There will be a minimal amount of northbound traffic allowed in areas not immediately affected by the construction. That means all motor vehicle traffic will be detoured at some point to one of the city's side streets. 
  • Signage will be posted throughout the construction zone.
  • The construction project will have flagmen on site to help assist motorists in getting around the construction zone.
  • Residents living in the construction zone are asked to contact the Police Department in the event they can't gain access to their driveway and parking during overnight hours. The Police Department understands your predicament and will allow you to park on a side street for the duration. You will only need to call once to have your vehicle information placed on the overnight parking list. 
  • Once the northbound lanes of Edloe are completed, then the project will shift to the southbound lanes. Again, starting at Edloe and Bellaire and moving towards University.
  • City staff will monitor the project from start to finish. Overhanging limbs will be pruned up to 15 feet in height for clearance purposes. Orange protective fencing will be placed around the trees. Protected fencing and limb pruning is expected to start early next week. 
  • Our recommendations are for those impacted by this project, please have a plan prior to leaving. We are expecting to see Auden Street get busier during this project as motorists will be looking for detours in Southside Place and beyond.
  • The Harper and Auden Street projects are expected to begin in December 2023 and last into the first few months of 2024.

Please contact city staff and public safety personnel below with any questions or comments at 713-668-2341.

Notice of Water Interruption
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  • How will this project improve drainage in Southside Place?
    • This project will eliminate ponding in two-year storm events and will bring the storm sewer into compliance with current standards during the 100-year event. The average flood depth reduction for the 2, 10, and 100-year events are 7 inches, 8.5 inches, and 5 inches, respectively.
  • How does the size of the new pipes compare to our current ones?
    • Existing system uses undersized laterals (12, 15, and 18 inches). New system laterals will be a minimum of 24 inches.
    • Storm sewer pipes are currently 24-inch (Auden), 36-inch (Harper), and 24-inch (Edloe). Completed storm sewer sizes will be 4 x 3 RCB (Auden), 4 x 3 RCB (Harper), 3 x 3 RCB (North Edloe), and 30-inch to 60-inch RCP (South Edloe).
    • Outfall pipes are 21-36 inches CMPs to Poor Farm Ditch. Future outfalls to Poor Farm Ditch will include two 4 x 3 RCBs.
    • Please note: RCB = Reinforced Concrete Box, RCP = Reinforced Concrete Pipe, CMP = Corrugated Metal Pipe
  • What is the proposed timeline for the project?
    • Our start date is Thursday, March 23 and the project should be completed by March 2024. Work will begin on Edloe at Bellaire Blvd and move north along the Eastern side of Edloe until reaching University. The West side of Edloe will be repaved upon completion of the East side. Next, work will begin on Harper, moving west from Edloe to Auden. The final section of work will be on Auden from Harper to University. 
  • How will work progress?
    • Hours of operation for this project will be Monday - Friday from 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM. Work will take place on Edloe, Harper, and then Auden. The construction crew will be closing one lane of traffic approximately 1000 feet segments. Two crews will work inside the closed lane. The underground crew will lead the charge, working on the drainage. A paving crew will follow behind and pave the road. Traffic will be one way on the affected streets while work is taking place. After work is complete on the first lane, the traffic pattern will switch and the paving crew will pave the opposite lane. Auden and Edloe will not be under construction at the same time, so throughout the project, one of the two main thoroughfares will have two-lane traffic. 
  • When will access to my driveway be restricted?
    • Residential driveways should remain accessible throughout the project with two exceptions.
      • Access will be restricted for one day while underground work is performed in front of the driveway.
      • Access will be restricted for up to 7 consecutive days while concrete is poured and cures.
  • Where do I park when I can't access my driveway?
    • Residents may park on unaffected ABC streets that are the most convenient to them. Harper residents may also choose to park on Auden or Edloe, provided that those streets do not have ongoing construction.
  • Will there be changes to street parking or overnight parking rules during the construction?
    • No street parking will be permitted on Edloe or Auden in the construction zone as they will be one-lane traffic only. Parking in the two-lane areas of Edloe and Auden (areas not under construction) will operate as normal. Residents affected by the construction will not be subject to the overnight parking ordinance. 
  • How much of my driveway will be torn up and replaced?
    • Only the apron of your driveway (the section between the sidewalk and the street) will be affected.
  • Will my water, gas, or electric service be interrupted during the project? If so, how much notice will I have?
    • There are no perceived interruptions to gas or electric service during this project. Residents on Edloe and side streets along the project alignment may experience a one-time water outage for up to 4-6 hours as connections are made. Except in the case of emergencies, you will be notified at least 48 hours prior to service interruptions.
  • Will there be any changes to sanitation, recycling, or any other city services?
    • No, all city services will remain unchanged throughout the duration of this project.
  • What is the construction cost of the 2023-2024 drainage and street improvement project?
    • Total Contracting Limited provided a low bid of $7.81 Million for the infrastructure project. Community Development Blo0ck Grant (CDBG) funding in the amount of $1.5 Million from HUD and a thirty-year loan from the Texas Water Development Board will be used.
  • What is the property tax rate impact?
    • The average taxable value of a home in Southside Place in 2022 was $1,778,447. The average home within Southside Place may see their property tax increase by approximately $533 with a three-cent increase to our current tax rate (based on the current appraised value). If your home is valued above average, then you will be paying more than $533 per year. Updated home values will be provided to the city by Harris Central Appraisal District (HCAD) in July 2023.
  • How will I get progress updates from the city?
    • The city website will have a page dedicated to the project. Additionally, the city will send weekly emails with updates. Please be sure to subscribe to these emails by visiting www.southsideplacetx.gov. Navigate to the "Notify Me" button (located just below the front-page photo and just above the weather widget). Additional questions and comments can be addressed to David Moss (citymgr@southsideplacetx.gov) or Andrew Deavers (adeavers@southsideplacetx.gov). Chief Don McCall (dmccall@southsideplacetx.gov) is available to answer questions concerning the traffic plan, driveways, and overnight parking. The city hall telephone number is 713-668-2341. Please feel free to visit them also at city hall.