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1. Can I make a payment online?
2. Why am I unable to pull up my citation online?
3. Why am I unable to pay my citation online?
4. Can I take Defensive Driving to have my ticket dismissed?
5. How do I know if I am eligible to take Defensive Driving?
6. How long do I have to take the Defensive Driving class?
7. What are the requirements to take a Defensive Driving class?
8. Can I show my proof of insurance at the clerk's window?
9. Can I show proof that I have renewed my registration sticker at the clerk's window?
10. How do I reset my court date?
11. Can I reset my court date the same day I have court?
12. Can I reset my court date over the phone?
13. When do I have to pay the court costs?
14. Can I be placed on a payment plan?
15. Will I have to pay a fine if I have renewed my sticker?
16. Is there a fee for using a credit card?
17. What credit cards do you accept?
18. Can I show up to court at anytime?
19. Can I pay with someone else's credit card?
20. Can I bring a book or newspaper to court?
21. Can I pay my ticket at any court?
22. Can I be placed on deferred for my ticket?
23. Can I request my driving record on line?